The Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI), initially created by The Carbon Underground from a grant to restore soil health, has been designed and developed with Green America, NSF International, Danone North America, Ben & Jerry’s, MegaFood, and over 150 additional stakeholders.

The goal of the initiative is simple: restore the health of soil as a means to mitigate climate change while improving the economic viability of farmers around the world.

Integral to success is adoption from companies dependent on agriculture, who reside primarily in the food and fiber industries, and can help pull through change at scale. Having a verifiable standard with which to measure the impact of these efforts is critical.
The design of our verifiable standard is based on the following:
  • We are outcome-based, not process-based. Our core outcomes are healthier soil and sequestration of carbon.
  • Scaling quickly is essential if we are to help reverse climate change in the short window we have remaining.
  • Simplicity is essential. Testing and reporting need to be easy and affordable.
  • Understanding that both soil health and atmospheric carbon levels are on a continuum, incentivizing participants to continue to improve is essential.