The Design Team for the Soil Carbon Initiative includes the following partners:
In addition, our Soil and Science Committee includes the following individuals who have contributed to the development:
  • Steven Apfelbaum, M.S., Applied Ecological Svcs.
  • Dr. Kofi Boa, Howard G. Buffett Foundation Centre for No-Till Agriculture
  • Roland Bunch, Consultant
  • Rebecca Burgess, M.Ed., Fibershed
  • Jill Clapperton, PhD., Rhizoterra
  • Rick Clark, Consultant and Farmer
  • Cynthia Daley, PhD, CA State University, Chico
  • Richard Haney, PhD., USDA ARS
  • Will Harris, White Oak Pastures
  • Jerry Hatfield PhD., USDA ARS
  • David Johnson, New Mexico State University
  • Daniel Kane, PhD, Yale University
  • Rattan Lal, The Ohio State University
  • Tim LaSalle, California State University, Chico
  • Andre Leu, Regeneration International
  • David Montgomery, Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences
  • Henry Rowlands, The Detox Project
  • Richard Teague, Texas A & M University
  • Eric Toensmeier, The Carbon Farming Solution
  • Steve Tucker, AgriForce Seed
  • Chris Weigert, Healthy Food Ingredients
  • Allen Williams, PhD., Joyce Farms